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Is It a Good Time to Buy a Rental Property?

This is why it’s currently an excellent time to invest in real estate.


I often receive questions concerning investing in real estate, especially about whether it’s a good time to do so or not. Even though prices are currently high and increasing, it’s still a wonderful time to buy an investment property because interest rates are so low. You need about a 20% to 25% down payment on an investment property, and with that, you can get around a 3% interest rate. That’s an exceptional opportunity! 


Historically, over time, real estate appreciates 4% each year, so at the very least your interest rate is paid for; plus you’ll have a resident in the house who’s paying down the principal on your loan. If you’re considering buying an investment property for only a few years, now may not be the time. However, if you plan on having that property for a while, it’s a fantastic time. 


I’m actively focusing on buying a couple more investment properties myself.


We bought a rental property for each of our children to help pay for their college education. (If you decide to do this, even if they don’t go to college, you’ll be able to help fund whatever they decide to do.) Having investment properties also means I’ll still have money coming in monthly when I’m retired. It’s such an incredible time to invest that I’m actively focusing on buying a couple more properties myself. 


If you have any questions about investing or real estate in general, please call or email us. We would love to be your real estate resource that you come to for anything. 

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