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Should You Consider Selling Now?

Here’s why this holiday season is a great time to sell your home.


Is it a good time to list during the holidays?

Here’s the reality: People still have to move. Like a lot of people, my Thanksgiving plans got canceled due to COVID. In fact, I’ve had a ton of things get canceled. There are a lot fewer parties, events, etc., and my December calendar is far from slammed. 


If you want to sell your home,  now you can safely maximize your return.


If you’ve been following the housing market for the past five months, you know that home sales have increased while inventory has stayed at a 10-year low. Demand is high and supply is low, which means we can have an amazing, robust holiday season in the housing market. If you want to sell your home, now’s not a bad time to list it; even with the number of COVID infections rising, you can still sell safely. My team and I can help you sell remotely, giving you the opportunity to safely maximize your return. 

If you have questions about the home-selling process or are interested in creating a strategy to help you reach your real estate goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.

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