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What Does Staging a House Mean?

I’m sharing what it means to stage a home and why it’s important when selling. 

The very first conversation we have with our sellers is about staging the home. Many people don’t understand what that means, or they have misconceptions about the process. So what does staging a house mean?

When you’re selling a home, there’s a huge difference between a decorated house and a staged house. A decorated house is filled with many ornaments and other items. You want to have fewer items sitting around when showing a home.

A staged house is made to look favorable in photographs, which is critical in today’s world of online home shopping. How your home photographs matters almost more than anything else at the beginning of listing a home. People aren’t going to even step foot in your home unless that photograph pulls them into it. It doesn’t always have to be new furniture, but staging matters.

“There’s a huge difference between a decorated house and a staged house.”

At 1:10 in the video above, you can view two photos of the exact same living room. The first is cozy and specifically styled to the owner’s tastes, but it won’t pull buyers in to see the house. The second photo is the room after it was staged: Some furniture was moved in from another room, walls painted, and items removed. Yes, it’s the same room, but now buyers will be much more likely to want to come see this home thanks to just a few small staging techniques.

Staging usually involves using the right color of paint and furniture to draw in buyers. Staging is one of the reasons you can get more money for the house; buyers are drawn to the photos more. Just because your home isn’t staged doesn’t mean it isn’t decorated beautifully; it just isn’t quite the right look for the home to sell. Buyers have an easier time seeing themselves living in your home if it’s staged rather than decorated.

One question that’s frequently asked is, “Why can’t the buyers just paint when they buy it?” That’s because they often won’t come see it or buy it because they weren’t drawn to it in the first place. A buyer may repaint once they purchase the house, and that’s fine. You have the power to help a buyer fall in love with your house before they’ve ever seen it in person.

If you have further questions about staging or real estate in general, please reach out to us by phone or email. We would love to help you!

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