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What Happened in Real Estate in 2020?

Here’s an overview of what happened in Nashville real estate in 2020.

We made it; we’re finally done with 2020, and today I’m sharing what happened in the real estate market last year. (Spoiler: It’s good news! Isn’t it nice to hear good news about 2020?)

As I mentioned in a previous video, I didn’t think sales would slow in December, and I was right. In fact, the opposite happened; home sales increased by 22% in December. Overall throughout the year, sales rose by about 6%. Rest assured that winter is no big deal for home sales in Nashville. 

In Middle Tennessee, for residential homes and condos, the median price grew by around $20,000. You have plenty of options in real estate. If you need cash for a home improvement project, interest rates plummeted back down to a new all-time low.


 “Rest assured that winter is no big deal for home sales in Nashville.”


If you’re thinking that your home doesn’t fit your life these days, it’s a wonderful time to sell. This year, we sold two homes that had been owned for only a year, and they still either broke even or made money. In this market, don’t assume you can’t do something. 

We’re here as a resource for you. If you have questions about refinancing, need a vendor, or anything else in 2021, we’re your people! We’re also starting an investor book club in February, so stay tuned for that! Call or email us with all your questions or needs.

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